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Our Solutions Can…

• Improve the efficiency of public transportation services.
• Guarantee the safety of public transportation services in a crisis.
• Encourage more commuters to use the public transportation system.
• Ensure passengers that they’ve arrived at the right stop.
• Regulate scheduling so passengers can be sure of their bus’s arrival time.

What we offer

1. Real-time tracking and fleet management solutions

Never lose track of your fleet again with this elegant solution for tracking vehicles and drivers. If a specific driver or route is causing delays, our tracking solutions will allow you to easily identify and correct the issue, saving time, resources, and customer satisfaction. We are a leading GPS tracking manufacturer and our GPS vehicle tracker systems are incredibly reliable.

2. Bus stop announcement systems

Your passengers will never need to worry about missing their stop with our automatic announcement systems. These systems work together with our bus tracking system to provide accurate announcements at each stop.

3.Camera and DVR systems

Should the worst happen, we offer full surveillance systems that can be inconspicuously engaged by driver when needed. Accidents and illegal activities can be clearly captured to aid law enforcement officials and promote a safe, lawful atmosphere for passengers.

4.Projected arrival times and web applications

You may be wondering how to track a bus using GPS yourself. Using a smartphone app or web client, passengers can see bus schedules, current bus positions, projected arrival times, and more thanks to our city bus tracker. The days of waiting anxiously for a bus that may have already come and gone are over.

5.Fuel Efficiency

Fuel is an expensive resource, and if you’re in charge of a fleet of vehicles, you know exactly how costly it can be. With our tracking systems, plotting more efficient routes is a breeze.

We also offer analytics and reports on drivers, vehicles, and more. Feel free to contact us, we’ll be happy to work with you to decide on a package that’s right for you.